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Law Suits & Judgments
We publish new law suits and judgments entered in the Circuit and Associate Circuit Courts of Greene County. This provides a wealth of information to attorneys, financial institutions, service businesses, landlords, insurers and investors.

Following are some of the ways these can be used:

Dissolutions of Marriage: Property may soon come up for sale and personal finances will certainly change - business finances may also change and there may even be a change of ownership in a business. Once divorces are finalized, both parties will begin re-establishing themselves as individuals and may need a variety of services including insurance, real estate, home security, financial, etc.

Mechanics Liens: A lien is filed generally when money is owed regarding some form of business transaction. Suppliers, sub-contractors, contractors and developers use this information to learn the financial health and reliability of each other.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes: Many landlords watch this action closely and use the information gained when they are filling their own vacancies.

Contract Disputes:
Learn who is being sued for violating terms of contracts and what the outcome of these disputes are. Apply what you find to make decisions regarding your own contractual affairs.

Criminal Judgments: Included are things like passing bad checks, fraud, vandalism, possession of illegal drugs and theft.

Small Claims: These suits allow individuals and business to address small (hence the name) disputes; often without involving attorneys. Read who is being sued and who is filing suits.
What we have written here is by no means the only way these listings can be used. We are a newspaper of record, and as such, publish the proceedings that the law allows us to view. The United States guarantees access to the law for all citizens, and as a chronicle of that, our goal is to provide unequaled value to all those who take the time to open our pages.