Daily Events of Springfield, MO
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Reading Tips
Daily Events is an easy way to get ahead of the pack & stay there. Turn our information into action everyday.

Virtually anyone, especially business persons and investors, can benefit by knowing how to read The Daily Events – and then putting that knowledge to use. Over the course of every week we publish meaningful information about upcoming investment opportunities, credit warnings and credit possibilities.

TIP # 1 - It only works if you use it.

If newspapers pile up on your desk, you won't just be getting the information later, the size of the pile will discourage you from trying to catch up. The Daily Events' Law (adapted/stolen from Murphy's Law): Things are more likely to happen when you stop looking for them to happen.

TIP # 2. Be efficient.

Develop your own way of reading or scanning the newspaper and stick with it. If you are just interested in foreclosure sales and initial filings of tax liens don't read mechanics liens or probate notices until you are done with what you need to read. This way if you are interrupted, you won't be putting yourself further behind.

TIP # 3. Skim it the easy way.

Here is a mini-speed reading class: Use your index finger, your hand or a business card to scan down each column. The deliberate speed of your hand will keep your eyes from wandering.

TIP # 4. Only stop when you need to.

Trust your instincts and your memory: if they say stop, then do. Chances are the name is familiar; belonging to a friend, business acquaintance or someone you have done business with in the past. We list names first, and the information there- after to make scanning The Daily Events easier. Once you stop, determine what it is and then make yourself a note, mark, or computer entry.