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What's Inside
Make Money, Save Money by reading The Daily Events.

When you find something...

Take Action: Once you find a name, do something with it. Make a copy of liens and put them in the relevant client's file or create a system to check names when they come to you for new business. If it is not credit related, use the head start we give you to find out more, make a bid or plan a response. Information, used correctly, is the ultimate tool.

Share the knowledge: The more people who can access the information; credit managers, sales people, fulfillment clerks, the better the chance it will benefit the business.

Talk to the customer: There can always be legitimate reasons and legitimate disputes that appear otherwise in these listings. It is always best to ask about a filing to clear the air. Perhaps special arrangements can be made so that everyone's needs will be accommodated.

This information can tell you other things: If a contractor or subcontractor says that payments to you are behind because he is having trouble getting paid, you can see that he has been filing mechanics liens and his story rings true.

Remember: The Daily Events is about finding opportunities and limiting risk. We are committed to presenting unique opportunities you won't find anywhere else. And we are committed to helping you become aware of other people's problems before they become yours as well. Good luck.