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Deeds Recorded
New owners of real estate have a variety of needs including landscaping, security services, maintenance services, remodeling, decorating, asphalt, insurance, etc. Those who have recently sold may also be in the market for your services. Deeds of Trust are recorded when money is loaned and real estate is used as the collateral, we include the amount of the loan and a property address, when available. Second mortgages, called Second Deeds of Trust, are listed in the same list of recordings.

Also listed are: Warranty Deeds involve the standard sale of real estate; Quit Claim Deeds are just what they say: someone is quitting any claim or right they have to a piece of real estate; Contracts for Deed are a form of owner financing in which the buyer gets the deed after a particular amount is paid; and Beneficiary Deeds which set out a beneficiary to take over once the current owner is deceased.