Daily Events of Springfield, MO
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Daily Events Abbreviations
$/d, $/w, $/m, $/y Amount owed per day, week, month or year; i.e.: Dft to pay $500/m (Dft to pay $500 per month)
/d, /w, /m, /y Number of day(s), week(s), month(s) or year(s); i.e.: Dft sent to 6/m GCJ
A/A Adult Abuse
ASO As Set Out (arrangement is specified but not listed on judgment)
conc Concurrent, Concurrently
c/s Child support
ct Count
comm ser Community Service
CPO Child Protection Order
cust Custody
Dft Defendant
Dism/wp Dismissed with Prejudice (same suit may not be re-filed)
Dism Dismissed or Dismissed without Prejudice
D/M Dissolution of Marriage
DOC Missouri Department of Corrections
DWLS/DWLR Driving While License Suspended/Revoked
DEP Drug Education Program
et al and others
FOP Full Order of Protection
F/G Found Guilty
F/R Findings and Recommendations of one entity to a Judge
GCJ Greene County Jail
+C/I/F Plus Court Costs/Interest/Attorney Fees (used singularly or in a combination)
Jmt Judgment
Jt/cust Joint custody
Jt/ptr Joint petitioners for dissolution of marriagemaint Maintenance
m/c Minor child, minor children
phys Physical
Ptr Petitioner
P/G Plea of Guilt
poss Possession
prob Probation
Ptf Plaintiff
Rsp Respondent
rest Restitution
susp Suspended
SES Suspended Execution of Sentence (if certain terms are met by dft, sentence is set but never executed; type of probation)
SIS Suspended Imposition of Sentence (If terms are met, sent is never imposed, we print only when SIS is revoked)
sent Sentence, Sentenced, Sentences
TR Trustee
Unsup Unsupervised (usually for probation)