Daily Events of Springfield, MO
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The Daily What?
"That must be a new paper, because I've never heard of it."

The Daily Events, successor to The Springfield Express, is among Missouri's oldest newspapers, published continuously since 1881. Our name is literally translated from the Latin Acta Diurna, the first known newspaper, published around 59 B.C. in Rome.

Throughout our lifetime we have been dedicated to general items like legal notices and courthouse records. Self-promotional ads in the 1930s encouraged any business that extends credit to keep up with their customers by reading The Daily Events. That advice applies today. In our lengthy history, this newspaper has served a general audience that includes:
      - Law Firms
      - Financial Institutions
      - Real Estate Professionals
      - Savvy Investors
      - Full-time Credit Departments.

We publish thorough, accurate information on court proceedings, real estate transactions, permits, licenses and normal business activity. Our informal slogan: If you've done it, we know it.

For more than a century, many local people have made a lot of money - and avoided losing a lot of money - by investing some time each day to read The Daily Events.